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Nov 14, 2012 5:00am EST
that are behind these the economy, and as we all know, thh economy is till sluggish, but there is improvement. average spending pn thanksgivvng trips is expecteddto drop 56 ddllars from last year. the average distance, down 16 percent.. theevast majority of travelers will go by car, more han 39 expecttd on par wiih last number of airrpassengers -- slightty down, to just over three-point-one million. ddssite a ew lessstravelers innthe skies, fare wwtchers say don't expect ast-minute deals.if you haven't yet booked your holiday travel and you''e looking to find that great airfarr deal, forr phanksgiving weekend, yyu may pe out of luck with just a &pweek until the holidays,,thos few seats that are left on thee plane are certainly going to be at a premium. ffr infrequent fliers, the t-s-a and screening ppocedures.we y unddrstand that holiday with a positive experience at the airport.and be mindful of peak travel days, the wwdnesdayybefooe thanksgiving, wasshngton, i'm karin caifa. -----end----- cnn.script----- commng up... a public punishhent... doesn't go exactly as planned. plann
Nov 8, 2012 5:00am EST
issue facing the u-s economy... the fiscal cliif? patings aggncy fitch fired a - it will downgrade the u-s credit rating if congress does pothing and the economy goes over the one analyst put it today, if therr's no resolution, stocks will plummet and the econnmyywill drown in quicksand.that all senttthe dow tumbling 311- points... the biggest decline - offthe year.we did seeesome individual sectors post big moves... and ii waa a direct results offpresident obama -3 stocks sold off, with j-- morgan chase and bank f americc falling 5-7-percent &peach.the ttinking is that ith &pobama as president, there will & be a ccntinnation of tightt regulation.on tte flip side, hospitals posted the biggest gains among n-y-s-e isted commanies.tenet, h-c-a, and other ssrged 10 - percent -3 pach... because one thing is --3for sure... obama-caae is here to stay.that means more americans ill have health insurance and that means more customers for hospitall.thht's & a wraa of a tumultuous dayyon wall street.aliion kosik, att the new ork stock exccange. & 3 ccm
Nov 9, 2012 5:30am EST
economy... 41:50:07 bag of stuff some nnpkinn some paper put around aad the pverything has gone uppin price.... mooe and more & consumers have turned to dollar ssores to saae aabuck. 3& (jody) 22:39:54 they can really save you a lot f money surveyed 15-hundred women 3 of themmare shopping at dollar sttres more than they used to. (jody)22:40:46 they're parrying the same merchandise as theenational brands and - they're also carryinn their - own store brandd too but is - the quality of those brands theesame. connumer reports' & can not say because it didn't -3 test the quality. (thomaa) 33:54 anything that has a shopppng at dollar stores for more than ten earss.thomas) 33:48:20 i love the dollar dealsbut even she admits theree are items she staas away 3 anything electrical.product wiihout ul labels or with fake &pones vouching for their safety. &p tems in boxes likeethese -3 coulddbe closeouttitems.... & that should be avoidedd also avoid off brrnd vitamins at 3 any cost.22:33:26 in the past when we have lookeddsome stand alone stores we fou
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3